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Q: Do you accept credit card by fax or by telephone?
A: Not by telephone. But we can accept credit cards through our secured online payment processing website.
Q: Can you provide detailed documentation of the programs?
A: The help text that comes with the programs contains basic information to run the programs. Licensed users will received improved version of the help documents. The theories behind most of our programs are very basic. Our examples contained in the package are taken from references widely available. Users are required to verify the results before use.
Q: How do users obtain updated versions?
A: We will send the updated programs to licensed users free of charge if the revisions are mainly for corrections of program bugs and typographical errors. Users have to buy a new program if the revisions are made for improved or added functionalities.
Q: Do you have metric versions of the programs?
A: Most of our programs are non-dimensional. User can choose any units for dimensions, forces and other parameters as long as they are consistent with each other. User needs to interpret the output results accordingly. The units will be noted in the output. Some of the programs are English only. Their metric versions are under development. We will send the metric version to licensed users free of charge when they become available.
Q:Dou you have any guarantee for the programs?
A:We do not provide any guarantee for the programs.However,if you are not satisfied for the products,you can fax us a signed affidavit within 30 days of purchase,indicating the reasons and declaring that you have destroy ed all the programs,we will refund your money.
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